Elder Dawson

Elder Dawson

Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 38-June 13, 2016

 Cola Vina Matavuvale,

So, I think there might be some confusion. Elda Ruwhiu is my Senior Companion.

Isa, it's been a week. Man where do I start? I guess Monday would be appropriate.  (Pictures added for excitement!)

Elda Ruwhiu and Big Mama

So this past Monday we had our qito at the chapel in Nakelo which means we got to be "Like Mike" and B-ball way hard. We really just ended up playing rugby in the end, because switching things up is for punks. 

Tuesday was actually super duper meh. We had a District Meeting and then went back to our areas. Elda Ruwhiu and I got to see some people but the work has been super slow lately.
The South will rise again!

Wednesday, honestly...I don't really remember what happened on Wednesday...
Reppin in Fiji #dragon #willhowardismybishop

Okay I'm just going to skip ahead to Friday because some crazy stuff did happen. We were asked to cast out another devil! That's two in two weeks. Here's the best part, they were at different houses. We have a family we go and visit with and the daughter-in-law was "possessed"  just before we got there. We knelt down said a prayer and the mom said she felt much better. She said she has another daughter in Suva who is coming to live with them because she gets possessed a lot, too. (She can't come now though, because she's been admitted to a FREAKING MENTAL INSTITUTION!!) I don't even know what I'm doing anymore. I just kinda go with the flow.  A lot of the time people are looking for someone to listen and for someone to offer comfort and those are two things we can give. #indianprobs #FSMprobs #PLEB2PRO
We felt to dirty to sit in this house...
Saturday was pretty lit tale ga. We did some good work but at night we went over to Nakelo because it was Elda Tupou's Birthday. We microwaved him a cake and watched Johnny Lingo! I know, I know...so disobedient. It was a good time though.
Bae caught me sleepin (yes I meant BAE)

Sunday was actually way fun. It was Stake conference so all of the Eldas from Korovou to Makoi got to go to Naulu. I got to see all of my old zone and my current. Stake Conference was way cool as well. Elder Hamilton of the Seventy spoke and President Pearson of the Seventy spoke as well. President Pearson spoke about finding our true identity as children of our Heavenly Father. It was a way sweet talk.

Elda Ruwhiu and Elda Burgener.

Elda Amisone and our little friend.

Elda Aguiar trying his hardest to be consecrated. 

Well that's basically been my week in a nut shell. 

I hope all is well. I love you guys and miss you so much.  

Everyone's Favorite 
Elda Dawson

P.S. I most definitely have bush fever. It's pretty bad. I just love that Ulumagi.
I am the King of puppies!!
Peace Be Still
Keep it Real

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