Elder Dawson

Elder Dawson

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Week 45-July 31, 2016


Isa, yadra vinaka everyone. Boy, has this been a week. So just to start out, "Elda Tosani" is just "Elder Dawson" it's just how they pronounce and spell it. 

So this last Monday was way fun. We had qito in Nausori town. So a lot of Fijians watch the white kids play rugby, probably because it's humorous, but last week, a ton of teenage girls were there, sitting right where we usually play. Elda Naivaluwaqa said it was because they thought that we were cute. It was all good though, I play better with an audience anyway. Haha! At night Elda Dunn and Elda Agiuar came and spent the night at our flat. We made bush burritos, it was lots of fun!

Tuesday was actually tons of fun. So we had our District meeting and nothing super special happened. Afterwards the Zone Leaders had a meeting with the District Leaders, so I got to walk around Nausori town with Elda Ratu. It was tons of fun. We went to second hand shops to find some gold.  Unfortunately, no luck. I applied to get my license converted. After their 2 hour meeting, The Zone Leaders took us back to our area. I got to go on exchanges with Elda Heines. He's a way cool dude. We had tons of fun and he totally made me trunky for Taco Bell!!! 

On Wednesday we switched back sometime in the afternoon, but because I applied for my license, I got to practice my driving. Yeah that's right, I practiced driving manual on the wrong side of the road. It threw me off. Everyone said I did way well though. So I'm feeling pretty confident.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were all pretty normal proselyting days. Sorry, I'm not sure what you all want to here about days like those. We have recently found two girls who are progressing very well. So hopefully in the next two weeks we'll see some baptisms. 

Sunday was THE BEST!!! WE GOT TO HELP OUT IN PRIMARY! It was so much fun! We shared the story of Ammon and the sheep, from The Book of Mormon. The WHOLE story. The children found it very entertaining. We had so much fun. 

So my main man Junior, or Ju, is our Branch Presidents 4 year old son. We are best friends. He literally hangs on me whenever I'm around him. He's just the cheekiest little dude. 

I had a great week. I love you all and I miss you tons. I hope everything back home is well. 

Much Love,

Elda Tosani  

Peace Be Still
Keep it Real

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Week 44-July 25, 2016

Cola Vina Matavuvale,

I had a great week! 

On Monday, we had some way mack qito in Nakelo. I "Pele"ed some kids at soccer and we played lots of rugby. Afterwards we had a sweet party for Elda Naivaluwaqa's birthday. Tons of fun.

On Tuesday we had our district meeting ( normal stuff), but afterwards we printed out a big map of Bau for our flat. After some proselyting and a dinner with the family that yells at us all the time, we had the amazing time of piecing the map together, took ages. 

Wednesday was full of work. We had a way good day. Saw a bunch of people. We ended the day at our Branch President's home for dinner. We had a lovely dinner with a young woman named Filo. Wow, Filo is just...wow. She is way beautiful. She also is super interested in our church (which makes her more beautiful.)  We had an awesome lesson with her.

Thursday we went to Nakelo for service. We did some dalo farming. It was actually lots of fun. Thursday was kind of a bummer day of teaching though. Lots of fall-throughs.

Friday we did our weekly planning, and then went to Cautata for dinner. So we thought we would go early to find some people to teach, turns out though, Cautata Koro is closed to the missionaries. We heard some ladies arguing about how we weren't supposed to be there but her friend just kept saying that we probably didn't know because we were new. That woman was the MVP. We are going to try to open the koro up in the near future. 

Saturday...So Saturday was interesting. We started at a family's house. The Balewai family. They gave us some coconut and after that, for the rest of the day, I had some major stomach pains. Like dang, it sucked. The water from the coconut tasted like Sprite though. It was way good, maybe not worth the pain, but still good. 

Sunday was a pretty normal Sunday. I braved Church even with my stomach pains and vomiting. After Church we called Nakelo to see if they could go on splits with us so Elda Mclean could still proselyte and I could rest. They came over and Elda Tupou and I took a bus to their flat. That wasn't the best idea. The bus rides here are extremely bumpy. At one point I was leaning over the side of the moving bus vomiting. I'm sure the Fijians got a kick out of it. I know Elda Tupou did. 

I'm much better now. I had a great week. Bau is great and so is my companion. Sorry for the quick email, but I'm a bit rushed. A better one will come next week. Love you all. 

Elda Dawson

Peace, Be Still.
Keep It Real.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 43-July 18, 2016


Yadra Vina everyone! 

This has been one heck of a week! So Monday was way sweet. We had our combined qito with Nausori South. So I got to see Eldas Visa, Simisky, Ogden, Pomate, Dunn, Van, just all the boys. These guys, they mean a lot to me.  We had tons of fun at the beach! 

Tuesday we had our last District meeting with Eldas Stock and Harris. After District meeting we got our transfer calls. Half of our District got transferred. Harris went AP, Stock to Rakiraki, Aguiar to Korovou, and Ruwhiu to Kuku. Yeah, Ruwhiu got transferred to the neighboring area. He's still in my District. (Talk about blessing!) My new companion was called as the new District leader. 

On Thursday we stayed back and cleaned our flat hard. Deep sara ga!  Aguiar and Stevens came over, and we made a big mess during lunch. Haha so more cleaning. 
On Friday, Aguiar came over and was my companion for a short time (3 hours) after Ruwhiu left. At around 3:00 my new companion showed up. Elda Mclean from Modesto California. He's a way cool guy. He's two intakes ahead of me so he's been out just over a year. Because he's the new District Leader, before he could even get settled in, the Zone Leaders already had him doing his duties, which included taking me to a Baptismal Interview. I just played cards with one of the kids there plus they made us dinner so it wasn't to bad. Haha. 

Saturday, we tried to go see tons of people. Lots of people weren't home but we had a really nice discussion with a girl named Shayal. She is a new Christian and we are trying to talk to her, but she is just converted to her pastor, so it makes it a little difficult. We also met with a couple, Cassie and Meli. Cassie is from Tonga and Meli is Fijian, guess where they met. CHINA!! Yeah, they both speak Chinese. Anyways, they are awesome. Cassie's less active and Meli is an investigator. We gave Meli a baptismal date and he excepted. I was so stoked! I'm so happy for that little family. 

Sunday was pretty sweet as well. We got to church and we were asked to speak for about 20 minutes each. Yikes. That always worries me. It wasn't bad though, and I had all the girls giggling and smiling, so.....😋
The rest of the day was standard. We met with some less actives and headed over to Nakelo. We had a "District Unity Night" or at least that's what the Zone Leaders called it. I called it "hanging with the Boys". That sounds less lame to me. 

All in all, not a bad week.

So lately I've been studying in the New Testament. I'm not trying to be a bible scholar, or an expert bible basher or anything, I just want to understand more about Jesus Christ. While reading about Mary, Christ's mother, I came across a verse;

Luke 1:37  "For with God nothing shall be impossible."

I love that. It was a new scripture to me. What a great promise. Anything is possible. I'm thankful to have a Heavenly Father who allows change, who allows us to become better. I'm thankful for my Savior and his Atonement. I'm thankful for a loving and understanding family. 

I love you all and I miss you.

So ta tale!

Elda Dawson 

Peace Be Still
Keep it Real

Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 42- July 11, 2016


So this week (as in 7/11/2016) is the week of transfer calls and transfers. We are all expecting big changes. We all know Ruwhiu is leaving, we just don't know where. No one expects me to leave. Most Eldas stay 6 months in Bau. We are planning some fun stuff for this week. On Tuesday night we are throwing Ruwhiu and some other Eldas a going away party...should be epic.

This past week though, because we knew Ruwhiu was a goner, we went and visited some important families so he could say goodbye. Man those are the rough visits.

Other than those visits, we had a pretty normal week. It's been nice to be busy though. Moving fast has kept my mind at bay. Not so much time to think about things other than the work. 

Oh, on Monday night, we had a way fun time. A bunch of eldas stayed in Nakelo and we played cards, made food, and Elda Burgener made a girlfriend named "Precious". She was madua ia totoka saraga. (Our shame!)

Fun nights in Nakelo with Elda Burgener

Eldas Amisone and Hamom


This week we taught our YSA (Young Single Adults) class at church. We taught about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It was weird teaching people who had a good grasp of the Gospel. Teaching people who knew things we did, it made it a bit more challenging.  It was a good lesson though. 

Not to much other news from my side. Last night during call-ins, our District Leader told us we were leading the mission in "Other Lessons", which means lessons without a member of the church present, or us teaching a less active or convert. That was kind of cool to find out. Sorry if that sounds boastful. I'm just happy that this area is blooming. 

Don't worry about me. Mom I loved your talk. Dad, I got your letter. Don't be afraid to give me details in your emails, I won't get trunky. 

I love you a lot, a lot! Sota tale! 

Elda Dawson

Peace Be Still
Keep it Real

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 41-July 3, 2016

Bula matavuvale!

Sorry I missed writing last week.  We had a busy, out of town preparation day.  I ran out of money but luckily the Zone Leader were able to give us a ride. Don't stop loving me!

Well honestly, not much happened this week. Pretty lame letter, I know. 

On Monday we made some pretty gnarly burgers, had qito, not to much went down.

Tuesday we had our normal District meeting. 

Oh freak, Tuesday to Wednesday I went on exchanges with Elda Thanos-Insanos Stevens! It was tons of fun. Haha, I witnessed him trade a rugby ball for a war club...WHAT THE HECK!!! 

On Thursday we cleaned up a lovo we had at our flat.  We were burying remains and such.  We felt like we were burying a dead body.

Proselyting has been TONS of fun this past week. LOTS of rain, and LOTS of fall through appointments. I'm making good use of my rain coat though.

On Friday we went into town for lunch because it was SUPPORT DAY!!!!! I live for support day. (When they receive their two week stipend.) We had a quick district lunch and then scooted back to our areas. When we got home, Ruwhiu and I did our normal business on a Friday. Weekly Planning! Yeah, so much fun....
The most honest marketing ever!

Saturday was actually way awesome. We did our version of tracting and had a few appointments. It was raining all day, but that wasn't going to stop the Dyno-maori and Dawson! We used every single hour of Saturday. We got to see a lot of people and a lot of good came of that day.
The Tagicakibau kids

A sweet beach

Yesterday was pretty average. One funny thing did happen though during our priesthood meeting. One man, Bro Cava (he yells at us all the time so he's not my favorite), was speaking, which turned in to talking and talking, probably just to hear the sound of his voice. Anyway, after he was done talking, another man started speaking and Bro Cava started "whispering" to Bro Vakarewakabau, sitting beside him.  So Brother Cava must have said something humorous and he thought he was the funniest guy so he started laughing.  Brother V put his fist up for a fist bump, but when Bro Cava went for it, Bro V dropped his hand and went back to listening to the Priesthood meeting. He was straight faced and everything. #dissgameonpoint

I know I shouldn't be so happy about a Brother getting dissed but it was too funny. Brother V is like 1000 years old, and seeing that much sass was the best. Also, #eldasarepeopletoo

Anyways, that's been my week.  I wish I was there for the family reunion, but I'm pretty happy where I am. Also, I don't know how I feel about BYU-H. I'll think about it though.

I love you guys. I miss you!

Elda Jasen Dawson

Peace Be Still
Keep it Real