Elder Dawson

Elder Dawson

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 56, October 9, 2016

Sa Bula Re!  How are things?
I'm doing well! Just kind of living life, you know?

Nakawakawa is great.  The life here is so fun.  It is, no joke, just like camping all the time.  It has it's pros and cons, bust mostly just pros.  Oh, one of the cons...the spiders are HUGE.  Like SO LARGE and they are cheeky sara ga, so it makes them worse.  We just torch them with body spray and a lighter.  I'm going to kere President Layton for a small 22 handgun, just in case we find the tama ni spiders.

Other than the creepy crawlies, it's way peaceful out here.  I can reach Nirvana daily out here.  It's way quiet.  When I go into Labasa it's hard to sleep because of the sounds of the town.  I have also learned to really enjoy sleeping on the ground.  Having a truck is way fun.  Did I mention that I am a licensed Fijian driver and expert on stick shift?

I know I keep talking about wanting a Fijian wife.  Let me explain.  Not only are the people beautiful but they are so kind and good.  I just love Fijians!

The work here is hard.  There have only been two villages open to missionaries so Green and I struggle to find work. The talatala (preacher) of the local church is trying to shut us down because when we teach he loses members and money.  We are still trying to get work started up though.

Isa, can you believe I have been out a whole year?  Crazy, eh?!  I feel like it was just yesterday that I was spending the night at Stacy and Corey's, getting ready to hit the MTC.  Time goes fast.  Just think, in like two more years I could be married and a dad.  Wow, I just scared myself a bit.  I think maybe more than two years.  A lot of people out here tell me that I will be a good dad, but that might be there way of asking me for a half white baby.  I can't tell.

How are things back home?  How is Michael?  Boy, I sure do miss that guy!  One of my good friends here  goes home nect week and lives close-ish to Michael, so I will have them look each other up.  I'm excited to come home and have a sister-in-law, ha, it's kinda weird to say.  My boy actually found his "one!"  It took some trial and error, and patient parents  but her found her!  I am so glad they are happy.  How are the littles?  Don't be offended but lately I've been missing them the most.  Lots of Eldas share stories about home and they all love to hear my stories of Spencer and his mischief, but sharing those stories pulls at my heart a little.  Sometimes I regret not spending more time with them, especially Emma.  I miss her sweet smile and fun personality.  I know she is young but I wonder if she has thought about being a missionary?  She would love it and be so good at it!  Does she still have a dumb little boyfriend?  Boys are gross, and believe me, I should know.

Oile, I love you guys tons!  I miss you an appropriate amount, not to much, not to little!  I can feel your love from here and when I can't, I can feel His.  The church is true.  Lolova levu.

Your missionary,
Elda Dawson

Peace Be Still
Keep It Real

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