Elder Dawson

Elder Dawson

Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 64, December 4, 2016

District Conference, Taveuni
So many pictures so little time!!
The District Volleyball stars!!

The District Volleyball stars!!

Literally the cutest little girl I've ever met in my entire life! We became good friends (I gave her a candy). She and her family came and sat next to Dunn and I during District Conference. 

Some fire food after District Conference!

I'm not sure what this was I just that this was way cool.

The boat we took back to Vanualevu. #sketchy

Taveuni, the "Garden Island". 

Elda Rakatia(left) (Naitasiri, Fiji) and Elda Whitworth our Zone Leader (Draper, Utah). We did some splits. I had tons of fun with these two. 
Caught my homie chilling on the beach contemplating the meaning of life.   #lifegoals

Taveuni, the "Garden Island".

Taveuni, the "Garden Island".

Taveuni, the "Garden Island".

Taveuni, the "Garden Island".

Taveuni, the "Garden Island".

Taveuni, the "Garden Island".

Here is all of the Eldas in the Taveuni Zone (Vanua Levu, and Taveuni islands). There were 20 of us (including the APs) in one flat. It was SOOOO FUN!

Here's a way rad picture of a beautiful chapel in our area in a koro called Saulevu.
It's right on the beach too.

SO, we drove up to our flat, all the way from Labasa (2 hours) and forgot our flat keys. Elda Giacalone got creative.

The rest are some pictures of our updated flat.

We got a bunk bed!




So Tagimoucia is a flower that literally only grows in Taveuni. 
We didn't go up, but we saw the road sign. 

Then Elda Amai proceeded to make us all feel like little girls.

A sweet as chapel we found on our way to a supermarket. 

The LDS Chapel in Somosomo.

The Labasa Studs!! They were mixing tons of tang for a kana vata (picnic).

Elda Harris (our AP) (Beaver, Utah) chilling in his birthplace.
He was trained in Somosomo literally almost two years ago. He leaves in three weeks. Qase!!

Elda Vitiarai (Tailevu, Fiji) He is the man. He also came into the mission with Visawaqa.
They were MTC Companions!! 

Caught baby Larsen sleeping during a meeting. Isa Luve i keitou.

A sweet picture of another island like 20 minutes (boat ride) from Taveuni. 
Some of the boys. From Left to right: Elda Willougbhy ( Oasis, Utah), Elda Amai (Hamilton, New Zealand), Elda Whitworth se Elda Witi ( Draper, Utah), and my boy Elda Dunn #vegasboy

Elda Halbert. Our big bad District Leader. He speaks Hindi in Labasa.
He's from Hamilton, new Zealand. He's the man!! 

Two girls from Nakawakawa. They brought us breakfast and then cleaned the chapel. One isn't even a member. 

This is in Taveuni. We went to go get breakfast and someone locked us
inside the apartment building complex. We were also a little late to a meeting. Isa Taveuni. 

Somosomo town.

Somosomo town.

Our sick as DISTRICT!!! Back row left to right: Elda Dunn, Ya boi!, Elda Giacalone (Knoxville,TN), Elda Larsen (Spokane, Washington), Elda Halbert (Hamilton, New Zealand), Elda Green (Brisbane, Australia). Front row: Sister Siale (Brisbane, Australia), Sister Taitai (Kiribati). We are pretty sweet with our kal vata (matching ties and dresses.) 

Elda Dunn being a photographer. 

More of Somosomo town.

Brand new Elda Larsen (Spokane, Washington). Isa luve ikeitou.
He's only three weeks into the field. He's awesome!

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