Elder Dawson

Elder Dawson

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Week 72, January 30, 2017

Yo, yo, yo! This week was so interesting. Well not really SO interesting, but it was still sick. 

So every Thursday, Sooula and I have to go to Suva for some meetings that he has to do before he dies (ends his mission). So anyways, Suva, is pretty far away, so we get to hangout in Nausori on Wednesday night. We hang with our zone leaders Elda Sarufa (Papua New Guinea) and Elda Whiting (Utah, USA). We have so much fun. This past week we played "DARE" Uno. Things got crazy. Like responsibly crazy, but still crazy. Those two are way cool. I love them.

So yesterday something way sweet happened. So we were walking through a koro and we got called over by a woman that we had talked to before. We went in and taught a little something to her and her husband. I looked around their house, which was very "Fijian farmer", but I noticed some really nice Rugby stuff kind of scattered around the whole house. After we talked we asked if we could do anything to help them and the wife said, "Well, he plays rugby, maybe you two come and play with him." Seemed harmless and fun, so we said maybe one day. So we come to find out that he was A FIJI 7s rugby player. Like one of THE FIJI 7s players. Yeah, so we are totally going to go play with him, and when I get home I will be the captain of the US Rugby team. Just fore warning. It was a funny little experience.

Anyways, that's me. I love you guys. 

Elda Jasen Dawson

Peace Be Still
Keep it Real

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