Elder Dawson

Elder Dawson

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Week 11-December 5, 2015

Bula Vinaka!

Answers to Mom's crazy questions this week:

*I sleep on a bed, the floor, the couch, my chair. Just whatever I'm feeling that night.

*Elder Visawaqa just hit his 9 months mark, he's going to start dying soon.   That means that he will be on the down hill slope of 24 months.

*Diwali, is the Festival of Lights and the Indian people love making sweets.  That's as much as I know.

*Sulus are worn as more of a respect thing, so for like schooling or church. Business people, they wear sulus. But then there are the nightwear sulus, which are way sick. I have two. The women though, always wear sulus around Elders, as a sign of respect.

*I remember Sister Smith in the MTC (but not her face :/ so definitely send pictures). So does Elder Ogden, we are laughing about it.  It's funny that a girl I met and talked with is now serving her mission there in San Clemente, having dinner with my family.  Small world.

*It's great to hear about Ashley's mission call to Hong Kong. Tell her that I wish her luck and that she needs to write me while she's gone.  She will be my wife, after all!

*Our flat is so gross. We have rats the size of small dogs, spiders the size of large rats, and roaches everywhere.

*We've been paying for people to take carriers and buses, and we buy people groceries, so I don't have hardly any money, and we have nothing but flour, rice, and breakfast crackers at our flat. Lately, all of our dinner appointments have been canceling so we haven't been eating much. We shared a bad mango that I found on the road, and it was the best.
Pork and Bean Sandwich...yum!

Oh man this past week has been way sweet! So we've been having a lot of meetings in Lautoka for our zone, which means on Monday's we do Zone P-day. We crush some rugby! I love it. 

I experienced my first mission tour and our general authority was Elder Grifford Neilsen. He gave such awesome instruction. He spoke about the importance of the Sacrament, which really hit me hard, because in our little ward, we don't have high sacrament meeting attendance.  Oh, something way cool, I got to see ELDER GREEN!!!! He came to our zone's Mission tour. Oh it was a joyous reunion!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday just seemed to fly by. Sorry this week there isn't a lot of way cool stuff. I did however come across a way cool chapter in the Book of Mormon that I really dug into this week. 
This chapter is extremely close to when Nephi dies so it's almost like his last testimony. Man, it is a way cool chapter. Read it and really think about what Nephi is saying in each verse, especially about Heavenly Father and The Savior.

If you don't have a Book of Mormon, you can order a free one on line on lds.org, or on the same website you can use the online Book of Mormon. And while you're there, check out the Christmas message, it's beautiful. Anyway, I love you and miss you a ton!

Much Love 
Elder Dawson

Peace Be Still
Keep it Real

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