Elder Dawson

Elder Dawson

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Week 13-December 20, 2015

Bula Vinaka!
So straight up, this week like zipped past. I feel like I was just emailing you. Crazy! Anyways, it's been a pretty rad week. 
So my answers for this week. 
The women in Ba really dig na kei valagi (I like the white guy). Especially when they learn I can speak Fijian. I've had a few date invitations, and I accidentally accepted one once.  She was way disappointed when I showed up with my companion and a member present. 
Speaking of women, thanks for the picture of Sister Smith. Oh, *chuckles and leans over super sly like* I remember her. *flicks nose-winks* She was really nice and I remember thinking, I wonder if she will be serving in my family's area. It's obviously meant to be.
Elder Ogden cuts my hair because he's a stud.
The Elders here get transferred when President Layton feels inspired I guess. From what I've heard and seen, President likes to leave people in their areas for a long time. (I'm also crying about Sister Smith's transfer. #emailmelol) 
In Fiji Star Wars is just as big as anywhere else. Which low key stinks because I won’t be seeing it until I get home.
There aren't too many animals here that we don't have in America. Except maybe Mongooses. Are there Mongooses (mongeese??) in America?
I am picking up little things in Hindi. I try not to learn too much because I feel like President would call me to an all Hindi speaking area and I’m working really hard on Fijian, which is coming along. I read from the Fijian Book of Mormon at least once a day. 
Fijians love Christmas, but they don't like visitors on Christmas. Yay...
I am indeed getting Dad's emails. I love them! 
I do get to Skype, if I can get a camera. But Elder Ogden and I are looking way hard. We'll Skype you guys on the 25th here. So Christmas Eve for you guys. So we'll probably call at like 3 your time. I'll email you an hour in advance for all the nitty gritty details, so make sure you check your phone.

So this week seemed way short. We had transfers and Elder Kumar died (which means he went home, don’t panic) and the two sisters in Tavua both got transferred to the North. So, Elder McLeod and his trainee Elder Akaiti are up in Tavua now, and they took the car from the Hindi Elders. Dang no more rides.
This week we've been focused a lot on Sister Lusi and her family. I love this family so much. Sister Lusi is basically my mom here in Ba. If I have a problem, I call her. They are scheduled for baptism on this coming Sunday and I couldn't be more stoked. We just need her oldest daughter to get married or leave her boyfriend, but we are working with them. 
So, when we aren't out teaching, we do a lot of studying. Recently, Elda Visawaqa has really been in to role playing scenarios. They suck. He will talk as fast as he can and come up with the most ridiculous questions. My Fijian has improved though, so I guess it's working.
Yesterday the RakiRaki Elders came down so we started a fire outside and roasted two whole chickens. Yeah, it was the white guy’s idea. That's right, we're straight savage. It was way good. I'll have to do it for you guys when I get home. 
Before I end I just want to say a quick thing about this season. I used to love Christmas, because of good food, presents, family, presents, friends, eggnog, presents and all sorts of stuff. Lately though, I've been feeling discouraged, homesick, and honestly angry at times because things won’t be the same for Christmas this year for me. But as I turn my heart to the true meaning of Christmas and think of that mild and meek child, wrapped in swaddling clothes, everything gets a little easier because I know that because he was born, there is always hope. Because of Jesus Christ we can live with our families forever. Because of Jesus Christ we have an advocate for the final Judgement. Because of Jesus Christ, we can live again. For that I am eternally Grateful. I love my Savior, and that's why I'm in Fiji. That's why what I'm doing is important to me. I hope you all take a few moments this Christmas to really remember our Savior. I love you and I miss you.

Check out this awesome Christmas video.  It's only 2 minutes but it will get you in the feels!  Merry Christmas!
Much Love 
Elder Dawson

Peace Be Still
Keep it Real

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