Elder Dawson

Elder Dawson

Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 33-May 9, 2016 HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY

Happy Mother's Day to me!!!

Mother's Day is one of the two days of the year that LDS missionaries get to call home!  I have been anxiously looking forward to Skyping with my boy for weeks now!  We planned on Skyping Elda Dawson at noon.  After seven long hours we received word that the call wouldn't happen until the next day.  I was pretty bummed.  However, at 10 pm our Skype beeped and low and behold, Elda Dawson was on the other end!  We got to talk with him for about 2 hours and it was wonderful.  

Some of my favorite things about talking to Jasen:

*His laugh is full, loud and genuine!
*His honestly is refreshing, albeit a tiny bit worrisome.
*His verbal description of places and people are detailed and filled with his humor.
*His love of his companion and the other missionaries he works with is obvious and on occasion they stepped into the screen and watching the interaction was an absolute delight.  They are truly best of friends.
*His sense of humor, with all the inappropriate irreverence included, is fully intact and blossoming.
*He appreciates me...like, for real.  Washing your clothes in the sink and eating canned corn beef hash for weeks on end will do that to you!
*He is fiercely independent and motivated.
*His love of the people of Fiji...I think that was the one thing that brought tears to my eyes the most and the fastest.  He loves the people of Fiji!  He loves the island, the culture, the language, the adventure but mostly he loves the people!
*He loves Heavenly Father and the Savior, Jesus Christ more than ever before.  He doesn't see his time in Fiji as a sacrifice.  He sees it more as a gift.

I did NOT like hearing about how he slipped in the mud, (wearing only his underwear, in the middle of the night while turning off their water outside) and injured his shoulder.  (OK, I admit that I can laugh about it now.)  
I did NOT like seeing his ring worm rash...still very rashy and out of control.
I did NOT like saying good-bye.

I am so thankful for our Elda Dawson and for this amazing opportunity he has been blessed with.  He inspires me every day to be more kind, more compassionate, more accepting, more willing to help, and more bold in sharing my feelings about my Savior, whom I love and strive to be like.


Peace, Be Still
Keep It Real

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