Elder Dawson

Elder Dawson

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Week 36- May 30, 2016

Fam Bam,

How's it hangin' everybody? This week has been weird, well to me and Elda Ruwhiu, at least.

Let me start by saying that I love my companion. Elda Ruwhiu is one of the coolest dudes. He's just really laid back but motivated at the same time. He's pretty young in the mission just like me, so he's never a junior companion to me. He's way awesome. 

So this week just seemed really boring. Our whole week kind of was thrown off because we had our District Meeting on Wednesday and not Tuesday, so it kind of messed up our schedule...you know, like when you have a school holiday on a Monday and then you can't ever remember what day it is for the rest of the week. It was a good District Meeting though. I gave a "How to be Metal" insight. It was pretty sick.

On Thursday we did service at a family's house and we painted their house. The Koroi Family are way awesome. It's just an old lady and her husband and they love us and make us bomb food, like Shepard's Pie and other way sweet stuff! 

The rest of my week has been super boring and average, sorry. Oh wait, on Saturday, I was asked to help with "casting out of Evil Spirits". Don't worry it wasn't as terrifying as people might think. Just some lonely Indian lady, I think, but jokes on her, now we know where she lives, so we are just going to return and teach her about Jesus. Ha-ha-ha, Eldas get the last laugh!!!!  

So something Elda Ruwhiu and I do to pass the time while we are walking around is free style rapping. We'll give each other subjects or a phrase or a word and we just spit bars. It's lots of fun and we are getting better and better every day. 

That's pretty much my week. I miss you guys and I love you tons! 

Elda Dawson
Peace Be Still
Keep it Real

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