Elder Dawson

Elder Dawson

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Week 53-September 20, 2016

Bula Re kemudou kece,

Isa, it's been a while. So things are good here. Nakawakawa is amazing. So yes, we have a truck. We do drive a bit. We cover like a fourth of the northern island now, so we cover (or are trying to cover) a lot of ground. We have been trying the last few days to open up new villages for us to teach in.

The bay by Nakabuta

We bathe in the river which isn't to far from our flat. By bathe I mean we go swimming and half way through we but soap on our bodies. It's fun, but not super effective. 
A wee little waterfall we found on an adventure

The people (especially the members) are unreal here. They are just so amazing. They welcomed me with the most open arms. There is a girl here who calls herself Sister Dawson in fact. I mean she's 11 but it's still cute. 

Um, not to scare my mother, but I don't really eat, at least not a lot. We gunu sucu ena veimataka lailai kece and sometimes we will make chow and corn-beef (Elda Green makes it especially good!) 

So I'm about to drop some crazy knowledge on you. We don't get fed rice here. Guess why. It's because rice  is to expensive for these people. RICE! IS TO EXPENSIVE!! That explains the economic state of Nakawakawa. Lots of Tavioca, Dalo, Rourou, Fish, and surprisingly enough tons of Pork. All Fresh and butchered that morning. It's pretty awesome.  

Our house is cute. Small but tasteful. It depends on the weather but usually it's never to hot or cold. It's made of wood and no tin, so it's not just a giant Easy-Bake Oven, like some of my last places. It's great here though. 

We had an awesome exchange this past week with our boys in Seaqaqa, Elda Mumford and Elda Giacalone. Dang I love those guys, we had tons of fun. 

Elda Green and I slept out of our truck this past week. It got really hot and personal space was invaded every so often, but it wasn't terrible. 
Wainunu River and a little island in the middle

We had a fire week. We got 23 new investigators. Good things are happening! 

Tonight we are burning shirts for our year mark (Green, Mo'unga, Ogden, and I) and tomorrow is Zone Conference. 

Life's good. I'm loving it here. Just by the way, I'm not completely swapped, but, I'm pretty sure I want a chocolate colored wife. Just FYI, start looking for me, kerekere. I love you guys. Stay Golden!

Elda Dawson

Peace Be Still
Keep it Real

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