Elder Dawson

Elder Dawson

Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 61, November 13, 2016


So just to start out with some answers for you...

President reviewed my blog and just told me to be careful is all, in fact he said for me to keep doing it, just to be cautious.  It seems that my description of my bathing situation and my teaching of local kids American slang upset someone.  I apologize if it was anyone reading my blog right now.  I had no intention of being disrespectful.

 I guess because I'm so loved by my fans, I'll continue, but I have a way cool idea for doing it, at least for a while. I'll just send pictures with little descriptions of everything and then a sweet little testimony at the end.  We will see how that works out.

No, I personally did not feel New Zealand's earthquake. 

Dude, Elda Dunn is the FREAKING MAN!!! I've loved this past transfer. He's just such a funny guy. I've learned some about dirt bikes and racing and stuff. He's been an awesome companion. 

So school is just ending so all of our students went home, but most of them are within driving range. 

We will hopefully open up a new koro soon called Sawani and then another one called Nadua. 

We don't fish for food...often.

We do lots of service; building houses, working in farms, building and delivering water tanks.

Yes, I want lots of Warheads!!! It's great to see the kids here eat them!

So, package ideas....WARHEADS and TACO BELL SAUCE!!! Also, I know this is going to freak you out, Mom, but if you guys could send me like a hoodie or something like that it would be cool. (Like an XL or a L. 2XL or 3XL would be to baggy.) Honestly, if you could just send money for shirts. I'm down to 5 and they are pretty gnarly and they have good shirts here that aren't to expensive. Micro SD Cards. Maybe like a family picture album, I mean I have my brag book, but more would be cool, especially current pictures. Stickers. Honestly I've been missing my guns and airsoft lately, so send some photos of that stuff to me kerekere.. Other fun little things, I don't know, I would say be creative. Things that would blow Fijians minds. Isa. I love you guys. Get ready for some pictures. I love you guys tale. Moce mada.

Elda Dawson

P.S. I found a place in FIJI called Dawson Bay. Sadly it's in an area, I'll probably never go to. 

Peace Be Still
Keep it Real

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