Elder Dawson

Elder Dawson

Sunday, February 21, 2016

WE GOT A LETTER!! February 21, 2016

Yadra Vina'a! Boy it's been one heck of a week! I guess it started off like any other week but, man, did it take a turn. Haha. 

My Monday and Tuesday were alright. We were supposed to get our support money on Tuesday, but because of some holiday, we weren't able to get it until about Thursday, but it was all good. On Tuesday after District Meeting, we always try and have a District lunch, but because most of us didn't have money, we just got some cans of corned beef, some bread, and tomato sauce and we made some sandwiches in a supermarket parking lot. It was a good time. 

On Friday, the Natasiri 1 Eldas came over to our flat and we had a fun night. We went to our chapel in Toga and we balled hard in the rain for an hour or two before we had to go in. We just had a fun night, we ate Tim Tams, played pukana and scared each other. 

On Saturday we all headed up to Suva at about noon. It was so exciting to get there. I was able to see all of my Intake! Everyone. Green, Ogden, Forbush, Datoon. It was so awesome. Then it got even better because President Henry B. Erying and Quentin L. Cook came and so did all of the Area Seventy of the Pacific. They all bore their testimonies and man, it was the coolest thing. It was super special. 
Lovin' on my homeboy Thanos Insanos at the Celebration

So like most of you know, a pretty crazy storm hit us on Saturday. It was fun driving through Suva during a Cyclone. I didn't know trees could bend as far as they did. The Natasiri 1 Eldas were taking us back to our flat, but there was a huge tree that had fallen in the middle of the road to Toga, so we back tracked and we all, as a Zone, (besides the Sisters) stayed in the Naulu Stake Center. Actually, if you got to LDS.org and type in Fiji, the first result is "Traditional Welcome Greets President Eyring...." The Chapel in that article, is the chapel I slept in on Saturday Night. 

Honestly, Saturday Night, freaked me out a little. The chapel started flooding so most of us slept on the pews in the chapel. The rest of the Stake Center was full of members or people who need shelter from the storm. It was a dark, damp, mosquito filled night. 

When we woke up, it was like being in a different world. The chapel was beat up. Most of the trees outside had been ripped up and out. The walls were caked in mud, there was rubbish everywhere. It was a sight. The rest of our area didn't look much different. There is limited power (that's why I can email) but all of the flats that the Eldas stay in are all in the dark and most without water. 

On Sunday, we tried to go to Toga to grab some stuff, but the main road of Toga was completely flooded. It was a river. On Sunday, most of the Eldas went up to Suva for the Dedication, but we were out of the loop so we didn't get to go. They are broadcasting it though next week, so I'll watch it then. 

Today (Monday), we realized that we had to get to the Toga flat. We were running low on clothes and food. So we drove to Toga hoping that the river would be gone. The whole car ride we were all asking kerekere and praying. And when we got there, you'll never guess what we found.....a river. Haha, yes it was still there. We were all very disheartened to see that. But we needed what we came for, so we all got out, tightened our sulus, and we walked the mile to our flat through the chest high water. It was SO cold! 

When we reached our flat we saw that the Landlord had come to our flat and closed all of our windows. Luckily, they did so before our flat got flooded, ha ha.  When we got there everything was super wet. Mattresses, clothes, all of our pamphlets. It was nuts. Our power had been out for sometime too, so everything in our fridge had gone bad. It was just such a mad house. We cleaned up quickly, emptied our fridge and we left. Then we went to the Toga Chapel and took the families that were staying there some food. President Vavaloa, our Branch President, told us that there were a bunch of house that had been destroyed in Toga, so these next couple weeks, we are going to clean up and rebuild some houses. Time to break out the work gloves. 

I love you guys. Thanks you all for the prayers! Continue to pray for the wonderful people of Fiji. 

Elda Dawson    
Peace Be Still
Keep it Real

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