Elder Dawson

Elder Dawson

Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 19-January 28, 2016


So big news. I got transferred. But before I tell you about it, I have to answer some questions from my Nana.

-There were like probably 50-ish people at my branch yesterday.

-My chapel looks like a little chapel in America, a really little one. But it's way nice.

-My feet are doing pretty good. They are strangely tan, but they are doing great.

-My neighbors are Indian, so yeah, they are friendly for the most part.

-We grocery shop basically only when it's necessary. It's not good to have to much food in our flat because of rats and ants and mongooses.

-My companion and I have an extremely similar sense of humor, which will be lots of fun(and maybe a little trouble).

-Most flats have a washing machine. We just hang dry.

-I went to the temple for the first time on Saturday.

-There are a couple of Elders I admire. Elda Lemalu: He's my grandpa, an AP, and still is way fun. Elda Johnson: He's a way nice guy and he's a way hard worker. Elda Macleod: My last District Leader, he cares heaps about his missionaries. That's just a few, there are more, but I only have so much time. Lol.

-I feel safe like 99.999999999999% of the time. 

Okay so about transfers. So on Tuesday at District lunch we all started to get calls from President Layton. I picked up our phone:

-"Bula Vinaka oqo Elda Dawson"
-"Hello Elder Dawson, This is President Layton."
-"-Oh, Hello President Layton, how are you?"
-"I'm doing just great. Well, Elder Dawson, do you know what time it is?"
-"Yes President, it's lunch time."
-"Very true, are you having a good lunch?"
 -"Yes sir, I'm enjoying lunch with my district."
-"Oh, well that very nice. So Elder Dawson, you're getting transferred to Toga. Do you know where that is?"
-"Toga Rewa, on the east side of the island. Your follow up trainer will be Elder Tera. Do you know Elder Tera?" 
-"Uh, no President but I'm excited to meet him."
-"Well Great Elder Dawson, I know you'll do great there."
Awesome lunch with my district!

So Toga Rewa, it's not the country Tonga, but it's pronounced the same way. It's in the Nausori South Zone. It's on the South East side of Vitilevu. It's way green and it rains a lot. Good news though, It's flat as! No more hills! We also get bikes. We don't have any now, but we are getting some super cool ones, that Elda Tera and I tried out the other day.
A part of my new area...also, still no ocean for me.

So, in the mission, Toga is considered, by most Eldas, the bush. Bush means like sega ni civilazation. I don't know really how to explain it, it's just bush. But, I was talking to Elda Macleod ( an expert on bush areas) and he says it's remote not bush. So I'm in a remote area. It's way nice there though.

My companion is Elda Tera. He hit his year mark in December, I think, so I'm only 8-ish months behind him. He's from Tahiti and he is the man. His English is way good and he's funny as.... His first language is French so he said he's going to make sure his daughter (me) will be able to speak some French before one of us leaves.
Au kei Elda Tera!

So besides tranfers, the highlight of my week has been the temple. I got to go to the temple open house this past Saturday. We got to be up there all Saturday because we had investigators that kept coming to the temple. It was so cool!

Oh, so this just popped into my mind, Elda Feliuai from the MTC, yeah he's in my Zone. And guess who his follow up trainer is, yeah Elda Visawaqa. So Elda Feliuai is my little sister and Elda Visawaqa is still in my zone. It's pretty sweet. Alrighty fam, I love you and I miss you guys. I'll try and send pictures. Give my love to the missionaries. Tell the Sisters that my inbox is looking a little empty. Lol. Alright, Moce Jo.
Elda Dawson
Peace Be Still
Keep it Real

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