Elder Dawson

Elder Dawson

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Week 24-March 6, 2016

Yadra Vinaka Matavuvale. 

So this week has been an improvement on the last couple. We finally got power back to our flat on Thursday. Our water pressure is still crazy low, but we make it work. Things are sort of drying out I guess, I had to get rid of a bunch of paper and books due to mold and other gross things. 

Answers to your questions:

Toga got really lucky. The storm was originally supposed to hit right on Toga, but instead it went over us and hit the West. There are some people here without homes and such, but all are getting by right now. The Fijian people are so willing to help they just take in those who don't have. 

Fishing has gone down since the cyclone, probably because all of the fish are dead because they got washed up into town. 

We help clean out compounds and flats on service days, but mostly whenever we offer to help the people just tell us not to worry. There are always people helping each other. It's awesome. 

The West got hit way harder than us, so we're lucky, I guess.  I have had very little contact with the Eldas from the West. I worry because it is my last area and I love the people there.  I am sure they are taking care of each other.  

Elda Tera got worse this week. He actually was bedridden for most of it, so our proselyting was low. I have no information about Elda Datoon, but I was told there were Emergency Transfers in his area, which freaks me out a little. (Elda Datoon and Jasen were in the Mission Training Center together.  Elder Datoon's mother passed away last week.  He traveled home for the funeral and returned to the mission today.)  This week I've been on exchanges for four of the seven days. My district leaders split me and Tera up so he could rest and I could work, but I think it's just because the leaders wanted to take turns having a do-nothing-day. Lol.

We will probably get transfer calls tomorrow. I say probably, because I don't know how it will all go down with so many knee deep in hard work.

 I'm doing well. My feet are fine, my shoes are getting kinda messed up though, I'll just have to look around for shoe glue. I've felt sick a little this week, but I'm fine now. Yes a lot of my clothes are dirty, and yes, I'm wearing them.

This whole experience has been really weird. Almost surreal at times. It's weird how I'm coping with the things that I've seen and things that I'm still seeing. Human nature truly is beautiful. Well Fijian Nature is. Nature itself though, not so pretty. 

 I went out to Toga with Elda Fitisemanu on Thursday and we cleaned out our flat pretty good. It was way terrible. We had to clean out our full fridge that has been off for the past two weeks. It was so gross. Maggots and ants everywhere. We got it all clean though, it still smells not so great. Any ideas? 

I'm excited for today. You'll have to wait to find out until next week though. ;)

I love you guys. I miss you all. Tell Spencer I love him and I wish I could be there for his birthday!   

Elda Dawson

P.S. My companion got older this last week. 

Peace Be Still
Keep it Real

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