Elder Dawson

Elder Dawson

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Week 46-August 6, 2016


It was cold this week. Like way cold! There were so many meetings this week also! Just so many meeting!!!! 

So on Monday we had a way fun P-day. The Zone Leaders set up these way sick games that put the Junior Companions vs. the Senior Companions. It was a lot of fun. JCs crushed, you know how we do.  

On Tuesday not much happened. We had ZTM. That's all that really happened. We did get some good work done that night though. 

On Wednesday, very early in the morning, the ZLs took Elder Naivaluwaqa to the airport so he could go to PNG, and Tupou got his new companion Elder Waqa. Both were native fijians who were waiting for visas to go to their missions.  Elda Mclean had a meeting (that I wasn't allowed to go to, lame) so I got put with Elda Ratu. He is a Ward Missionary who came home because of medical reasons. My day with him was...interesting, yeah lets just say I was VERY happy when Mclean came back. Plus Mclean brought me a birthday package, which was way sick! 
Sick package from home!

A birthday present from Elda Lautogia, my Zone Leader

Thursday, Thursday was fun. We caught a pig and carried t to another village for service. They are fast and loud. Very loud. The people were impressed though. 

We did a lot of proselyting on Friday and Saturday.  I don't know. I'm never really sure what to say about it. We just walked around and taught lessons. 

So Sunday was interesting. It was pouring rain all day. Like all day. So only 25 people showed up for church. We got chastised at church for stupid stuff. I wish people could just understand what we do before they yell at us. After church we got chastised some more. We had a wonderful dinner with one of our investigators Maria. Rice and Chicken stew. It was perfect after walking in the rain all day. We had to leave early though because Elda Mclean had to be home in time for Call ins. It was a nice day though. 

Not too much else has been going down. Just kind of keeping my head up and pushing along. I love you guys so much!!! 

Elda Tosani

Peace Be Still
Keep it Real

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