Elder Dawson

Elder Dawson

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Week 45-July 31, 2016


Isa, yadra vinaka everyone. Boy, has this been a week. So just to start out, "Elda Tosani" is just "Elder Dawson" it's just how they pronounce and spell it. 

So this last Monday was way fun. We had qito in Nausori town. So a lot of Fijians watch the white kids play rugby, probably because it's humorous, but last week, a ton of teenage girls were there, sitting right where we usually play. Elda Naivaluwaqa said it was because they thought that we were cute. It was all good though, I play better with an audience anyway. Haha! At night Elda Dunn and Elda Agiuar came and spent the night at our flat. We made bush burritos, it was lots of fun!

Tuesday was actually tons of fun. So we had our District meeting and nothing super special happened. Afterwards the Zone Leaders had a meeting with the District Leaders, so I got to walk around Nausori town with Elda Ratu. It was tons of fun. We went to second hand shops to find some gold.  Unfortunately, no luck. I applied to get my license converted. After their 2 hour meeting, The Zone Leaders took us back to our area. I got to go on exchanges with Elda Heines. He's a way cool dude. We had tons of fun and he totally made me trunky for Taco Bell!!! 

On Wednesday we switched back sometime in the afternoon, but because I applied for my license, I got to practice my driving. Yeah that's right, I practiced driving manual on the wrong side of the road. It threw me off. Everyone said I did way well though. So I'm feeling pretty confident.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were all pretty normal proselyting days. Sorry, I'm not sure what you all want to here about days like those. We have recently found two girls who are progressing very well. So hopefully in the next two weeks we'll see some baptisms. 

Sunday was THE BEST!!! WE GOT TO HELP OUT IN PRIMARY! It was so much fun! We shared the story of Ammon and the sheep, from The Book of Mormon. The WHOLE story. The children found it very entertaining. We had so much fun. 

So my main man Junior, or Ju, is our Branch Presidents 4 year old son. We are best friends. He literally hangs on me whenever I'm around him. He's just the cheekiest little dude. 

I had a great week. I love you all and I miss you tons. I hope everything back home is well. 

Much Love,

Elda Tosani  

Peace Be Still
Keep it Real

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