Elder Dawson

Elder Dawson

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Week 2-October 2, 2015

Bula Vinaka! Boy, has it been an interesting week. A few ups and a lot of downs. 

The days here seem to drag on forever. This last Monday seems like it was months ago.  On Sunday we had a devotional and the key speaker was President Allen, he is in charge of the Home Front campaign the church did quite a while back and he is now in charge of something that has to do with missionaries. The whole night just felt like he was rebuking us about being stupid hormone driven young people. Elder Guymon got yelled at for running on some chairs to get to his seat, and then at the end of the devotional he got a sister's email, that crazy kid. Then we watched a video Elder Bednar did that was about being converted to Christ, not the church. It was awesome. Through the entire devotional and video just a few seats in front of me there was a sister who I swear was Bri Biorn"s twin.   

On Tuesday, we did our first act of service.  We cleaned a whole building. Elder Larsen and I got stuck with cleaning the bathrooms...scrubbing toilets.  I walked into a stall and flushed the toilet (because it was nasty) and I got sprayed by so much water.  Apparently there was a little post-it note on the door that said "out of order". Luckily it was my last toilet.  All I had left was to vacuum the whole building. 

Later that night we had an awesome devotional and the speaker was Elder Costa of the Seventy. His talk was AMAZING.  He talked about his experiences with the missionaries as a young man (he's a convert). He kept saying that missionaries were his heroes, even more so than prophets and apostles. Elder Guymon, myself and the rest of District E and H (The Fijian Mission) all think he's going to be called this next conference as an apostle. 

Yesterday, Thursday, I was teaching my investigator his last lesson and we asked if he would enter the covenant of baptism. He started with "io" (yes) and then went off in Fijian, but Elder Guymon and I were so excited we didn't really listen. When he stopped talking I said "Sa totoka dina oqori" (that's truly beautiful/That's wonderful). He laughed at us. When our teacher came in to talk to us he asked if Elder Guymon and I knew what we said.  I said yeah. Then he told me that our investigator, Kalivati, and said that he would be baptized, but he was having Word of Wisdom troubles and he had smoked a cigarette that very  day...and how did I respond? "That's truly beautiful!"

Today, however, is the lowest point so far. About 40 minutes ago we had to send off my companion, Elder Guymon, back to his home in Mesa. I can't explain how hard this hit both the Fijian Districts. We all loved him so much and he was such an awesome guy. He just wasn't ready for the MTC and the MTC wasn't ready for him. All of us know that by going home he'll only be blessed and he has been such a great example of courage and spiritual strength. Elder Larsen and Forbush have basically been our brother companionship so we are all sticking together for the time being. Probably during dinner we are going to go look for Guymon's twin who is here and just let him know that we have his back and that we love him too. 

That's all for now, I love you guys a lot!

Au lomain kemundrou! ❤

Your Son
Elder Dawson

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