Elder Dawson

Elder Dawson

Friday, October 23, 2015

Week 5-October 23, 2015

Bula Vinaka!!

My week has been super rad! Or as we say now Sickmada (nd). Monday all the Samoans left, all of them, which bummed me out because they had some choice Elders and some awesome Sisters that I'll definitely miss. On Tuesdsay we threw a birthday party for Brother LeDoux, it was pretty sweet. Then the Kiribati left. Which was sad but it was pretty sweet to, we saw them leaving and we all ran up to their rooms and scavenged everything we could. We even got a mini fridge. That makes three. The mini fridges at one point were shared among the Islander Zone, and there was peace and prosperity, but after a week of having our fridge stolen with all our goods, including my queso, we said enough of that so we took all of them.

On Wednesday we got to host a bunch of new Elders. Something like 300 plus missionaries came in that day. Most of the kids I hosted were going to Argentina.

Yesterday, Thursday, we had our first Skype TRCs. That's when we teach a lesson to a member in nothing but Fijian. Our member's name was Sai. She is a 24 year old at BYU Hawaii. She was so cool, and crazy helpful. We sang hymns to her, shared a quick message about prayer with her and then asked her for feedback. She told us that Elder Kumar had sworn in the middle of his testimony and Elder Stevens had challenged her to a fight, instead of challenging her to read the Book of Mormon. She said that our singing was awesome though. I loved every terrifying moment of speaking with her.

Last night I spent the night in the room next to me which has Elders Green, Ogden, Forbush, Larsen, Datoon, and Mo'unga. Some weird stuff happened. A lot of sleep walking and sleep talking. It was a fun time though. Elder Green and I couldn't stop laughing.

We as a District have decided to stick to a very strict program called SYL, or Speak Your Language. Basically we just speak Fijian now. Well, as best as we can, which for most of us, including me, is not much. Speaking the language is getting me so pumped though to actually go to Fiji. Sometime today we'll be getting our flight plans for our departure. I can't believe we only have ten days left here! I'll miss it here but at the same time, I can't wait to leave. I'm so amped!

Thank you guys so much for all the letters! They mean so much to me. So, weird request, but Dad all the Aussies in my District think you are the coolest guy because you're a Marine, so if you could send some super sick pictures of guns or other stuff like that, and if some Marine Corps swag could end up in an envelope and end up in my hands that would be sweet. Mom, all the guys think you are a super savage. I got my camera case and SD card a day before my camera so they thought you sent the camera case in a mocking way. They love you! Anyways, thank you so much Lundgreens!  I love the camera and I took some pictures to prove it!

My rad desk!

Elder Ogden and Elder Green

Elder Christy (the Aussie) and Elder Stevens AKA Thanos Insanos

Lately I've been thinking about Christ and the Atonement. It's so wonderful to know that even in the darkest moments, in the worst of the worst, we can know that there is someone who loves us so much that we would put himself through the same pain and sorrow just for us. Just so we can return to our Heavenly Father. 

 Luke 12:32 "Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom."

Au via wasea na noqu ivakadinadina. Au kila ni lomani keda na Kalou. Au vakadinadinataka ni Parofita o Josefa Simici. Au kila ni bula ni Parofita bula ka Parofita o Thomas S Monson. Au kla ni dauloloma ka dauvosota i Jisu Karisto. Au kila ni e wawa va keda I Jisu Karisto. Au lomani Jisu Karisto ka na Kalou. Au lomani noqu lotu i Jisu Karisto. Au vakavinavinakataka va na lotu i Jisu Karisto. Ena yaca i Jisu Karisto, Emeni. 

Au lomani Iko!

Much Love
Elder Dawson     

Peace Be Still

Keep it Real

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