Elder Dawson

Elder Dawson

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Week 44-July 25, 2016

Cola Vina Matavuvale,

I had a great week! 

On Monday, we had some way mack qito in Nakelo. I "Pele"ed some kids at soccer and we played lots of rugby. Afterwards we had a sweet party for Elda Naivaluwaqa's birthday. Tons of fun.

On Tuesday we had our district meeting ( normal stuff), but afterwards we printed out a big map of Bau for our flat. After some proselyting and a dinner with the family that yells at us all the time, we had the amazing time of piecing the map together, took ages. 

Wednesday was full of work. We had a way good day. Saw a bunch of people. We ended the day at our Branch President's home for dinner. We had a lovely dinner with a young woman named Filo. Wow, Filo is just...wow. She is way beautiful. She also is super interested in our church (which makes her more beautiful.)  We had an awesome lesson with her.

Thursday we went to Nakelo for service. We did some dalo farming. It was actually lots of fun. Thursday was kind of a bummer day of teaching though. Lots of fall-throughs.

Friday we did our weekly planning, and then went to Cautata for dinner. So we thought we would go early to find some people to teach, turns out though, Cautata Koro is closed to the missionaries. We heard some ladies arguing about how we weren't supposed to be there but her friend just kept saying that we probably didn't know because we were new. That woman was the MVP. We are going to try to open the koro up in the near future. 

Saturday...So Saturday was interesting. We started at a family's house. The Balewai family. They gave us some coconut and after that, for the rest of the day, I had some major stomach pains. Like dang, it sucked. The water from the coconut tasted like Sprite though. It was way good, maybe not worth the pain, but still good. 

Sunday was a pretty normal Sunday. I braved Church even with my stomach pains and vomiting. After Church we called Nakelo to see if they could go on splits with us so Elda Mclean could still proselyte and I could rest. They came over and Elda Tupou and I took a bus to their flat. That wasn't the best idea. The bus rides here are extremely bumpy. At one point I was leaning over the side of the moving bus vomiting. I'm sure the Fijians got a kick out of it. I know Elda Tupou did. 

I'm much better now. I had a great week. Bau is great and so is my companion. Sorry for the quick email, but I'm a bit rushed. A better one will come next week. Love you all. 

Elda Dawson

Peace, Be Still.
Keep It Real.

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